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At Culinary Systems, We Serve Foodservice Pros

For over two decades, our staff of industry experts has been helping foodservice professionals develop delicious, easy-to-prepare food products that increase gross sales in manufacturing, restaurant, and retail environments.

Guided by you, our foodservice client, we consider demographic and attitudinal data from all sectors of foodservice and retail while contributing culinary flair and expertise to help you develop revenue-generating products with mass appeal.


From Fine Dining Cuisine to Sandwich Shop Fare

Our Culinary Systems team has a wealth of experience ranging from fine dining cuisine to sandwich shop fare. Plus, our “real time” experience on the production plant floor is unsurpassable when it comes to developing products that can be reproduced. Allow the experts at Culinary Systems help you reach your goals.

Areas of Expertise:

Restaurant Startup

New Product Development

Menu Trend Analysis

Consumer Research

Operations Efficiency Analysis & Implementation

Menu Development


Chef Tony Lagana

Tony Lagana, president of Culinary Systems, Inc., is a forty-two-year veteran of the food industry and has been nicknamed the “New Product Guru” by his peers. Since its inception in 1997, Culinary Systems Inc. has helped its clients develop and introduce new products and product lines generating approximately two billion dollars in sales at the retail, food manufacturing, and restaurant level. Mr. Lagana says, “Our success has come from being able to see through the eyes of the consumer.”

Chef Tony’s diverse background began with a classical European style apprenticeship at the “hall of fame restaurant” L’auberge Chez Francois. He has been Executive Chef of several fine dining restaurants in the Washington D.C. area, a cooking instructor at L’Academie De Cuisine, and has been featured live on Metromedia Magazine demonstrating his recognized expertise in Southeast Asian cooking. Mr. Lagana held a senior position in New Concept Development for Kraft Foods, developing concepts and prototypes for the entire North American retail and food service division. His efforts produced new products in virtually every section of grocery shelves.

Chef Tony also held the position of Director of Culinary Development for the 700-unit Red Lobster chain, leading the development of new promotions and base menu items.

A successful restaurant designer, Chef Tony and his team have developed concepts and built multiple, profitable, restaurant operations in Europe and the US. “It’s a turnkey resource;” says Lagana. “We are there every step of the way from consumer research and concept design through construction, staff training, and opening for business.”

“By doing our homework, we have placed retail and foodservice products with national appeal and staying power into numerous markets,” says Lagana. “We look at the demographic and attitudinal data from all sectors of foodservice and retail. This information is cross-linked to our own internal culinary tracking which analyzes all categories in foodservice, including fine dining. Our data mining paints a broad picture of trends and consumer demand.”

The unique combination of technical and culinary skills embodied by Chef Tony and his team are reflected in national chain restaurant menus, national food manufacturer portfolios, and the shelves of major retailers.


Bernhard Junkert


Chef Bernhard, originally trained in Europe, represents over twenty years of culinary experience having held positions in some of Europe’s finest hotels and restaurants. Adding to his kitchen skills, he also worked for a time Damascus, Syria where he gained prowess in Middle Eastern cookery. Since arriving in the United States, Chef Bernhard has graced the kitchens of several Chicago-area five-star hotels where he gained skills in multiple cuisines and kosher cooking as well as developing advanced skills as a Chef Garde Manger at the University Club of Chicago.


A. Yoelao (“Lek”)


Lek holds a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition from the Sandusit Teacher’s College in Bangkok, Thailand and apprenticed at several major hotels under widely respected European chefs. As Executive Chef at Royal Siam, a Thai restaurant in the Washington D.C. suburbs, Lek and Chef Tony joined forces in the Americanization of Thai and other Asian flavor systems. Lek has worked in recipe development for the Kraft Creative Kitchens and studied food styling at the Culinary Institute of America’s Hyde Park, New York campus.


Susanne Bukey


After graduating from Framingham State University with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Susanne taught high school food and nutrition classes before working in the restaurant industry. She held positions in food product development for Ground Round Restaurants working on special marketing projects, including promotions and banquet menus. When Susanne left Ground Round, she pursued food development, photography, and new menu development consulting for major restaurants in the Boston area. Susanne joined Red Lobster in 1991 as a member of the research and development team as well as national promotions, regional and base menu development, public relations, and new concept development. In 1998, Susanne began offering her creative culinary ideas to restaurant chains and manufacturers as a member of the Culinary Systems team.


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